Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Rotenburg (ETGQ) available!

Weather station in the area

Rotenburg (SYNOP 102340)
Bremervoerde (SYNOP 101390)
Rotenburg (SYNOP 102340)
Bremervoerde (SYNOP 101390)
Uetersen (SYNOP 101440)
Hamburg/Finkenwe (METAR EDHI)
Hamburg/Finkenwerder (SYNOP 101490)
Soltau (SYNOP 102350)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Rotenburg (SYNOP 102340)
Weatherstation Rustenburg (SYNOP 682520)
Weatherstation Roseburg (METAR KRBG)
Weatherstation Roseburg (METAR IATA_RBG)
Weatherstation Roseburg (SYNOP 726900)
Weatherstation Rexburg (METAR KU11)
Weatherstation Rexburg (METAR KRXE)
Weatherstation Rexburg (METAR IATA_U11)
Weatherstation Rexburg (METAR IATA_RXE)
Weatherstation Regensburg (METAR EDNR)
Weatherstation Regensburg (SYNOP 107760)
Weatherstation Boizenburg (SYNOP 102490)
Weatherstation Orenburg (SYNOP 351210)
Weatherstation Lichtenburg (METAR FALT)
Weatherstation Lichtenburg (METAR FALI)
Weatherstation Lichtenburg (SYNOP 683304)
Weatherstation Goteborg (SYNOP 025130)
Weatherstation Roebourne (SYNOP 943090)
Weatherstation Oldenburg (SYNOP 102150)
Weatherstation Lydenburg (SYNOP 681840)

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