Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Rover (014140) available!

Weather station in the area

Haugesund/Karmoy (METAR ENHD)
Utsira Airport (SYNOP 014030)
Haugesund Airport (SYNOP 014080)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Rotvaer (SYNOP 011050)
Weatherstation Dover (SYNOP 949610)
Weatherstation Rogers (METAR KROG)
Weatherstation Rogers (METAR IATA_ROG)
Weatherstation Rogers (SYNOP 723449)
Weatherstation Rivera (METAR SURV)
Weatherstation Rivera (SYNOP 863500)
Weatherstation Dovers (SYNOP 895670)
Weatherstation Yoron-Island (METAR RORY)
Weatherstation Vellore (METAR VOVR)
Weatherstation Tottori-Airport (METAR RJOR)
Weatherstation Tarama-Island (METAR RORT)
Weatherstation Shimoji-Shima-Island (METAR RORS)
Weatherstation Roxas-Panay-Isla (METAR RPVR)
Weatherstation Rouvres (METAR LFQE)
Weatherstation Rouvres (SYNOP 070883)
Weatherstation Rourkela (METAR VERK)
Weatherstation Rome (METAR KRMG)
Weatherstation Rome (METAR KREO)
Weatherstation Rome (METAR KP88)

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