Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Ruenenberg (066450) available!

Weather station in the area

Langenbruck (SYNOP 066420)
Bale/Mulhouse (METAR LFSB)
Basel-Binningen (SYNOP 066010)
Goesgen (SYNOP 066260)
Buchs-Aarau (SYNOP 066330)
Wynau (SYNOP 066430)
Laufenburg (SYNOP 066490)
Bale/Mulhouse (SYNOP 072990)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Nuernberg (METAR EDDN)
Weatherstation Nuernberg (SYNOP 107630)
Weatherstation Lunenburg (METAR CXLB)
Weatherstation Rustenburg (SYNOP 682520)
Weatherstation Muehleberg (SYNOP 066360)
Weatherstation Lindenberg (SYNOP 103930)
Weatherstation Ruhengeri (METAR HRYU)
Weatherstation Ruhengeri (SYNOP 643830)
Weatherstation Rotenburg (METAR ETGQ)
Weatherstation Rotenburg (SYNOP 102340)
Weatherstation Senber (SYNOP 353680)
Weatherstation Hohenpeissenberg (SYNOP 109620)
Weatherstation Wittenberg (SYNOP 104740)
Weatherstation Wiesenburg (SYNOP 103680)
Weatherstation Siegenburg (SYNOP 108620)
Weatherstation Rensselaer (METAR KRZL)
Weatherstation Rensselaer (METAR IATA_RZL)
Weatherstation Regensburg (METAR EDNR)
Weatherstation Regensburg (SYNOP 107760)
Weatherstation Marienberg (SYNOP 105790)

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