Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Saerheim (014130) available!

Weather station in the area

Stavanger/Sola (METAR ENZV)
Stavanger/Sola (SYNOP 014150)
Kvitsoy-Nordbo (SYNOP 014110)
Obrestad (SYNOP 014120)
Stavanger Vaaland (SYNOP 014160)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Wertheim (SYNOP 106570)
Weatherstation Serh (SYNOP 528330)
Weatherstation Sarh (METAR FTTA)
Weatherstation Sarh (SYNOP 647500)
Weatherstation Saim (SYNOP 239290)
Weatherstation Monte-Caseros-Airport (METAR SARM)
Weatherstation Iguazu-Cataratas (METAR SARI)
Weatherstation Kaltennordheim (SYNOP 105460)
Weatherstation Sinsheim (SYNOP 107350)
Weatherstation Sahsenem (SYNOP 383830)
Weatherstation Mannheim (METAR EDFM)
Weatherstation Mannheim (SYNOP 107290)
Weatherstation Laupheim (METAR ETHL)
Weatherstation Laupheim (SYNOP 108370)
Weatherstation Sarmi (SYNOP 975800)
Weatherstation Sarma (SYNOP 306200)
Weatherstation Saram (SYNOP 306050)
Weatherstation Salem (METAR KSVM)
Weatherstation Salem (METAR KSLE)
Weatherstation Salem (METAR IATA_SVM)

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