Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Saint-George (KSGU) available!

Weather station in the area

Saint George (METAR IATA_DXZ)
Saint George (METAR IATA_SGU)
Saint George (METAR KDXZ)
Saint George (SYNOP 724754)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Saint-George (METAR KDXZ)
Weatherstation Saint-George (METAR IATA_SGU)
Weatherstation Saint-George (METAR IATA_DXZ)
Weatherstation Saint-George (SYNOP 945160)
Weatherstation Saint-George (SYNOP 724754)
Weatherstation St-George (METAR PAPB)
Weatherstation St-George (METAR IATA_PBV)
Weatherstation Sfintu-Gheorghe (SYNOP 153870)
Weatherstation Sfintu-Gheorghe (SYNOP 152380)
Weatherstation Prince-George (METAR IATA_YXS)
Weatherstation Prince-George (METAR CYXS)
Weatherstation Prince-George (METAR CXPG)
Weatherstation Prince-George (SYNOP 719080)
Weatherstation Stanthorpe (SYNOP 945500)
Weatherstation Saint-Leocadie (SYNOP 077400)
Weatherstation Sandberg (METAR KSDB)
Weatherstation Sandberg (METAR IATA_SDB)
Weatherstation Saint-Brieuc-Armor (SYNOP 071200)
Weatherstation Daneborg (METAR BGDB)
Weatherstation Daneborg (SYNOP 043300)

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