Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Salalah (OOSA) available!

Weather station in the area

Raysut Port (SYNOP 413120)
Salalah (SYNOP 413160)
Qairoon Hairiti (SYNOP 413150)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Salalah (SYNOP 413160)
Weatherstation Salla (SYNOP 028480)
Weatherstation Shawalah (SYNOP 410160)
Weatherstation Kalaleh (METAR OINE)
Weatherstation Walhalla (METAR K96D)
Weatherstation Walhalla (METAR IATA_96D)
Weatherstation Slana (METAR PADT)
Weatherstation Slana (METAR IATA_DDT)
Weatherstation Savannah (METAR KSAV)
Weatherstation Savannah (METAR IATA_SAV)
Weatherstation Saskylah (SYNOP 218020)
Weatherstation Salas (METAR ES_1279X)
Weatherstation Saada (SYNOP 413720)
Weatherstation Ogallala (METAR KOGA)
Weatherstation Ogallala (METAR IATA_OGA)
Weatherstation Kalaeloa (METAR PHJR)
Weatherstation Kalaeloa (METAR IATA_JRF)
Weatherstation Kalaeloa (SYNOP 911780)
Weatherstation In-Salah (SYNOP 606300)
Weatherstation Salamanca (METAR LESA)

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