Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Salamanca (082020) available!

Weather station in the area

Salamanca (METAR LESA)
Salamanca (METAR ES_2870)
Barbadillo (METAR ES_2873X)
Calvarrasa de Abajo (METAR ES_2867)
Fuentesaco (METAR ES_2555B)
Pedraza de Alba (METAR ES_2863C)
Peausende (METAR ES_2882D)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Salamanca (METAR LESA)
Weatherstation Salamanca (METAR ES_2870)
Weatherstation Dalaman (METAR LTBS)
Weatherstation Dalaman (SYNOP 172950)
Weatherstation Sulaimaniya (METAR KQND)
Weatherstation Sulaimaniya (SYNOP 406230)
Weatherstation Kalamata (METAR LGKL)
Weatherstation Kalamata (SYNOP 167260)
Weatherstation Sulaymaniyah (METAR ORSU)
Weatherstation Sanana (METAR WAPN)
Weatherstation Sanana (SYNOP 976000)
Weatherstation Samara (SYNOP 289000)
Weatherstation Samara (SYNOP 279950)
Weatherstation Salmon (METAR K27U)
Weatherstation Salmon (METAR IATA_27U)
Weatherstation Salmon (SYNOP 726866)
Weatherstation Salima (METAR FWSM)
Weatherstation Salima (SYNOP 675970)
Weatherstation Balmaceda (METAR SCBA)
Weatherstation Balmaceda (SYNOP 858740)

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