Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Salekhard (233300) available!

Weather station in the area

Salekhard (METAR USDD)
Salekhard (METAR USDD)
Salekhard (METAR USDD)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Salekhard (METAR USDD)
Weatherstation Seward (METAR PAWD)
Weatherstation Seward (METAR IATA_SWD)
Weatherstation Seward (SYNOP 702770)
Weatherstation Saglek (METAR IATA_WZZ)
Weatherstation Saglek (METAR CWZZ)
Weatherstation Saglek (SYNOP 718040)
Weatherstation Saglek (SYNOP 713350)
Weatherstation Kalkar (METAR ETGY)
Weatherstation Kalkar (SYNOP 104040)
Weatherstation Salahaddin (SYNOP 406110)
Weatherstation Marblehead (SYNOP 725249)
Weatherstation Silchar (SYNOP 426190)
Weatherstation Shahrud (SYNOP 407390)
Weatherstation Sarkand (SYNOP 367860)
Weatherstation Paekado (METAR RKTB)
Weatherstation Paekado (SYNOP 471085)
Weatherstation Elkhart (METAR KEHA)
Weatherstation Elkhart (METAR K1K5)
Weatherstation Elkhart (METAR IATA_EHA)

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