Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Salzburg-Airport (111500) available!

Weather station in the area

Salzburg Airport (METAR LOWS)
Salzburg/Freisaal (SYNOP 113500)
Unken (SYNOP 111400)
Mattsee (SYNOP 111520)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Salzburg-Airport (METAR LOWS)
Weatherstation Albury-Airport (METAR YMAY)
Weatherstation Albury-Airport (SYNOP 958960)
Weatherstation Albury-Airport (SYNOP 948960)
Weatherstation Saga-Airport (METAR RJFS)
Weatherstation Sudbury-Airport (METAR IATA_YSB)
Weatherstation Sudbury-Airport (METAR CYSB)
Weatherstation Sudbury-Airport (SYNOP 717300)
Weatherstation Salliut-Airport (METAR IATA_YZG)
Weatherstation Salliut-Airport (METAR CYZG)
Weatherstation Salliut-Airport (SYNOP 719075)
Weatherstation Stauning-Airport (METAR EKVJ)
Weatherstation Stauning-Airport (SYNOP 060660)
Weatherstation Sligo-Airport (METAR EISG)
Weatherstation Shageluk-Airport (METAR PAHX)
Weatherstation Salta-Airport (METAR SASA)
Weatherstation Salta-Airport (SYNOP 870470)
Weatherstation Malargue-Airport (METAR SAMM)
Weatherstation Malargue-Airport (SYNOP 875060)
Weatherstation Tabora-Airport (METAR HTTB)

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