Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Samedan-Airport (067920) available!

Weather station in the area

Samedan (METAR LSZS)
St. Moritz (SYNOP 067900)
Weissfluhjoch (SYNOP 067800)
Davos-Dorf (SYNOP 067840)
Chur-Ems (SYNOP 067860)
Tinzen (SYNOP 067870)
Loebbia (SYNOP 067890)
Corvatsch Mountain (SYNOP 067910)
Robbia (SYNOP 067940)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sandane-Airport (SYNOP 013200)
Weatherstation Sendai-Airport (METAR RJSS)
Weatherstation Sendai-Airport (SYNOP 475690)
Weatherstation Sedona-Airport (SYNOP 723756)
Weatherstation Samsun-Airport (METAR LTAQ)
Weatherstation Samsun-Airport (SYNOP 170290)
Weatherstation Sahand-Airport (METAR OITM)
Weatherstation Madang-Airport (METAR AYMD)
Weatherstation Madang-Airport (SYNOP 940140)
Weatherstation Lamerd-Airport (METAR OISR)
Weatherstation Camden-Airport (METAR YSCN)
Weatherstation Camden-Airport (SYNOP 947550)
Weatherstation Umea-Airport (METAR ESNU)
Weatherstation Umea-Airport (SYNOP 022860)
Weatherstation Saga-Airport (METAR RJFS)
Weatherstation Sado-Airport (METAR RJSD)
Weatherstation Sado-Airport (SYNOP 477000)
Weatherstation Strahan-Airport (SYNOP 949560)
Weatherstation Souda-Airport (SYNOP 167460)
Weatherstation Slana-Airport (SYNOP 702915)

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