Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Samedan (LSZS) available!

Weather station in the area

St. Moritz (SYNOP 067900)
Samedan Airport (SYNOP 067920)
Weissfluhjoch (SYNOP 067800)
Davos-Dorf (SYNOP 067840)
Chur-Ems (SYNOP 067860)
Tinzen (SYNOP 067870)
Loebbia (SYNOP 067890)
Corvatsch Mountain (SYNOP 067910)
Robbia (SYNOP 067940)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Hamedan (SYNOP 407680)
Weatherstation Samtredia (SYNOP 373850)
Weatherstation Same (METAR HTSE)
Weatherstation Same (SYNOP 638160)
Weatherstation Mendoza-El-Plume (METAR SAME)
Weatherstation Skamdal (SYNOP 011460)
Weatherstation Sandane (SYNOP 013180)
Weatherstation Hamadan (METAR OIHH)
Weatherstation Bamenda (METAR FKKV)
Weatherstation Bamenda (SYNOP 648920)
Weatherstation Sheridan (METAR KSHR)
Weatherstation Sheridan (METAR IATA_SHR)
Weatherstation Sevan (SYNOP 377090)
Weatherstation Sevan (SYNOP 377080)
Weatherstation Saudanes (SYNOP 040810)
Weatherstation Sauda (SYNOP 014240)
Weatherstation Sarma (SYNOP 306200)
Weatherstation Sam-Neua (METAR VLSN)
Weatherstation Sam-Neua (SYNOP 489280)
Weatherstation Saida (SYNOP 605360)

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