Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station San-Martin (KE16) available!

Weather station in the area

San Martin (METAR IATA_E16)
Hollister Muni (METAR IATA_CVH)
Watsonville (METAR IATA_WVI)
Hollister Muni (METAR KCVH)
Watsonville (METAR KWVI)
Castroville/Moss (SYNOP 724918)

Similar station names

Weatherstation San-Martin (METAR SAMI)
Weatherstation San-Martin (METAR IATA_E16)
Weatherstation San-Martin (SYNOP 874160)
Weatherstation Martin (METAR K9V6)
Weatherstation Martin (METAR IATA_9V6)
Weatherstation San-Matias (SYNOP 852100)
Weatherstation San-Martin-Arg-Base (SYNOP 890660)
Weatherstation Shan-Dan (SYNOP 526610)
Weatherstation Shalatin (SYNOP 624760)
Weatherstation Santa-Marta (SYNOP 839250)
Weatherstation Santa-Marta-Simon (SYNOP 800090)
Weatherstation Santa-Maria (METAR SBSM)
Weatherstation Santa-Maria (METAR KSMX)
Weatherstation Santa-Maria (METAR IATA_SMX)
Weatherstation Santa-Maria (SYNOP 839370)
Weatherstation Santa-Maria (SYNOP 839360)
Weatherstation Marstein (SYNOP 012320)
Weatherstation Marin (SYNOP 080430)
Weatherstation Jose-De-San-Martin (SYNOP 878070)
Weatherstation Wanaaring (SYNOP 944970)

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