Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Santa-Rosalia (762530) available!

Weather station in the area

Santa Rosalia (SYNOP IATA_SRL)
Santa Rosalia (SYNOP IATA_SRL)
Santa Rosalia (SYNOP IATA_SRL)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Santa-Rosalia (METAR IATA_SRL)
Weatherstation Santa-Rosa (METAR KSTS)
Weatherstation Santa-Rosa (METAR IATA_STS)
Weatherstation Santa-Rosa (SYNOP 724957)
Weatherstation Santa-Rosa (SYNOP 722228)
Weatherstation Santa-Eulalia (METAR ES_9374X)
Weatherstation Santa-Paula (SYNOP 723928)
Weatherstation Santa-Maria (METAR SBSM)
Weatherstation Santa-Maria (METAR KSMX)
Weatherstation Santa-Maria (METAR IATA_SMX)
Weatherstation Santa-Maria (SYNOP 839370)
Weatherstation Santa-Maria (SYNOP 839360)
Weatherstation Santa-Rosa-De-C (METAR MHSR)
Weatherstation Santa-Rosa-Airport (METAR SAZR)
Weatherstation Santa-Rosa-Airport (SYNOP 876230)
Weatherstation Santos (METAR SBST)
Weatherstation Santos (SYNOP 838180)
Weatherstation Santos (SYNOP 837820)
Weatherstation Santal (SYNOP 239250)
Weatherstation Santa-Rosa-De-Copan (SYNOP 787170)

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