Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Saratov (341710) available!

Weather station in the area

Saratov (SYNOP 341720)
Saratov/Tsentral (METAR UWSS)
Saratov (SYNOP 341710)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Saratov (SYNOP 341720)
Weatherstation Sarata (SYNOP 338960)
Weatherstation Sauce-Viejo-Airp (METAR SAAV)
Weatherstation Smartno (SYNOP 130210)
Weatherstation Satrovo (SYNOP 284560)
Weatherstation Saravan (SYNOP 408780)
Weatherstation Sargatskoe (SYNOP 285980)
Weatherstation Sacramento (METAR KSAC)
Weatherstation Sacramento (METAR IATA_SAC)
Weatherstation Sacramento (SYNOP 724944)
Weatherstation Tarapoto (METAR SPST)
Weatherstation Tarapoto (SYNOP 844550)
Weatherstation Swartkop (METAR FASK)
Weatherstation Swartkop (SYNOP 683219)
Weatherstation Surat (SYNOP 945210)
Weatherstation Surat (SYNOP 428400)
Weatherstation Stratton (METAR KSTR)
Weatherstation Shangrao (SYNOP 586260)
Weatherstation Serov (SYNOP 280440)
Weatherstation Sarna (SYNOP 023160)

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