Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sariwon (470650) available!

Weather station in the area

Sariwon (SYNOP 470650)
Pyongyang/Sunan (SYNOP 470580)
Nampo (SYNOP 470600)
Sariwon (SYNOP 470650)
Pyongyang/Sunan (METAR ZKPY)
Pyongyang/Sunan (SYNOP 470580)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Marion (METAR KMNN)
Weatherstation Marion (METAR KMAO)
Weatherstation Marion (METAR IATA_MNN)
Weatherstation Marion (METAR IATA_MAO)
Weatherstation Sion (METAR LSMS)
Weatherstation Sion (METAR LSGS)
Weatherstation Sion (SYNOP 067200)
Weatherstation Iguazu-Cataratas (METAR SARI)
Weatherstation Clarion (METAR KCAV)
Weatherstation Clarion (METAR IATA_CAV)
Weatherstation Clarion (SYNOP 725458)
Weatherstation Suwon (METAR RKSW)
Weatherstation Suwon (SYNOP 471200)
Weatherstation Suwon (SYNOP 471190)
Weatherstation Surin (METAR VTUJ)
Weatherstation Surin (SYNOP 484320)
Weatherstation Sparwood (METAR IATA_WGW)
Weatherstation Sparwood (METAR CWGW)
Weatherstation Sparwood (SYNOP 717820)
Weatherstation Sarny (SYNOP 330880)

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