Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sasovo (277450) available!

Weather station in the area

Sasovo (SYNOP 277450)
Sasovo (SYNOP 277450)
Sasovo (SYNOP 277450)

Similar station names

Weatherstation San-Antonio-Oest (METAR SAVO)
Weatherstation Oran-Airport (METAR SASO)
Weatherstation Satrovo (SYNOP 284560)
Weatherstation Lastovo (SYNOP 144520)
Weatherstation Vas'Kovo (SYNOP 225550)
Weatherstation Sosunovo (SYNOP 318660)
Weatherstation Savelovo (SYNOP 274120)
Weatherstation Turcasovo (SYNOP 226480)
Weatherstation Silovo (SYNOP 277360)
Weatherstation Sasebo (SYNOP 478120)
Weatherstation Maksimovo (SYNOP 302190)
Weatherstation Fastov (SYNOP 333390)
Weatherstation Brasov (SYNOP 153000)
Weatherstation Basoko (SYNOP 640180)
Weatherstation Swainsboro (METAR KSBO)
Weatherstation Swainsboro (METAR IATA_SBO)
Weatherstation Statesboro (METAR KTBR)
Weatherstation Statesboro (METAR IATA_TBR)
Weatherstation Yarkovo (SYNOP 283660)
Weatherstation Usakovo (SYNOP 314410)

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