Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Satenas (025200) available!

Weather station in the area

Satenas (METAR ESIB)
Trollhattan (METAR ESGT)
Trollhattan (SYNOP 025103)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Satenas (METAR ESIB)
Weatherstation Satna (METAR VIST)
Weatherstation Satna (SYNOP 425710)
Weatherstation Stevns (SYNOP 061730)
Weatherstation Ny-Alesund-Ii (METAR ENAS)
Weatherstation Ascazubi (METAR SEAS)
Weatherstation Salinas (METAR KSNS)
Weatherstation Salinas (METAR IATA_SNS)
Weatherstation Salinas (SYNOP 834410)
Weatherstation Saentis (SYNOP 066800)
Weatherstation Utena (SYNOP 266330)
Weatherstation Svartnes (METAR ENSS)
Weatherstation Svartnes (SYNOP 010970)
Weatherstation Sretensk (SYNOP 307770)
Weatherstation Slana (METAR PADT)
Weatherstation Slana (METAR IATA_DDT)
Weatherstation Siena (METAR LIQS)
Weatherstation Siena (SYNOP 161743)
Weatherstation Satun (METAR VTSA)
Weatherstation Sarna (SYNOP 023160)

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