Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sebes (152310) available!

Weather station in the area

Alba Iulia (SYNOP 152080)
Sebes (SYNOP 152310)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sao-Pedro-Da-Ald (METAR SBES)
Weatherstation Esmeraldas-Tachi (METAR SEES)
Weatherstation Sedes (METAR LGSD)
Weatherstation Sedes (SYNOP 166203)
Weatherstation Senber (SYNOP 353680)
Weatherstation Weelde (METAR EBWE)
Weatherstation Webster-City (METAR KEBS)
Weatherstation Tirios (METAR SBTS)
Weatherstation Tebessa (METAR DABS)
Weatherstation Steamboat-Spring (METAR KSBS)
Weatherstation St-Truiden (METAR EBST)
Weatherstation Spa-La-Sauvenier (METAR EBSP)
Weatherstation Seymour (METAR SEGS)
Weatherstation Sete (SYNOP 076410)
Weatherstation Semmerzake (METAR EBSZ)
Weatherstation Segorbe (METAR ES_8439X)
Weatherstation Sao-Paulo-Congon (METAR SBSP)
Weatherstation Sao-Luis-Marecha (METAR SBSL)
Weatherstation Sao-Jose-Preto (METAR SBSR)
Weatherstation Sao-Jose-Dos-Cam (METAR SBSJ)

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