Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Selbu (012730) available!

Weather station in the area

Trondheim/Vaerne (METAR ENVA)
Trondheim/Vaernes (SYNOP 012710)
Selbu-Stubbe (SYNOP 012740)
Kvithamar (SYNOP 012700)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Shelburne (METAR IATA_WOS)
Weatherstation Shelburne (METAR CWOS)
Weatherstation Shelburne (SYNOP 713990)
Weatherstation Uruguaiana-Rubem (METAR SBUG)
Weatherstation Urubupunga-Casti (METAR SBUP)
Weatherstation Uberlandia (METAR SBUL)
Weatherstation Uberaba (METAR SBUR)
Weatherstation Tulcan-El-Rosal (METAR SETU)
Weatherstation Tucurui (METAR SBTU)
Weatherstation Sucre-Juana-Azur (METAR SLSU)
Weatherstation Storm-Lake (METAR KSLB)
Weatherstation Sibu (METAR WBGS)
Weatherstation Sibu (SYNOP 964210)
Weatherstation Sao-Gabriel-Cach (METAR SBUA)
Weatherstation San-Lorenzo (METAR SESL)
Weatherstation San-Borja-Capt-G (METAR SLSB)
Weatherstation Robore (METAR SLRB)
Weatherstation Riobamba-Chimbor (METAR SERB)
Weatherstation Quito-Mariscal-S (METAR SEQU)
Weatherstation Pudahuel-Arturo (METAR SCEL)

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