Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Senj (143230) available!

Weather station in the area

Senj (SYNOP 132180)
Rijeka/Omisalj (METAR LDRI)
Rijeka/Omisalj (SYNOP 131160)
Zavizan Mountain (SYNOP 132190)
Zavizan (SYNOP 142340)
Rijeka/Omisalj (SYNOP 143170)
Crikvenica (SYNOP 143200)
Rab (SYNOP 143210)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Senj (SYNOP 132180)
Weatherstation Nanjing-Nanking (METAR ZSNJ)
Weatherstation Jokkmokk (METAR ESNJ)
Weatherstation Jever (METAR ETNJ)
Weatherstation Jan-Mayen (METAR ENJA)
Weatherstation Humberside (METAR EGNJ)
Weatherstation Encarnacion (METAR SGEN)
Weatherstation Bjornoya-Island (METAR ENBJ)
Weatherstation Barrancabermeja (METAR SKEJ)
Weatherstation Serenje (METAR FLSE)
Weatherstation Serenje (SYNOP 675710)
Weatherstation Siren (METAR KRZN)
Weatherstation Siren (METAR IATA_RZN)
Weatherstation Siena (METAR LIQS)
Weatherstation Siena (SYNOP 161743)
Weatherstation Sevan (SYNOP 377090)
Weatherstation Sevan (SYNOP 377080)
Weatherstation Seoni (SYNOP 427710)
Weatherstation Steinkjer (SYNOP 012770)
Weatherstation Ternej (SYNOP 319090)

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