Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Shangzhi (509680) available!

Weather station in the area

Shangzhi (SYNOP 509680)
Shangzhi (SYNOP 509680)
Shangzhi (SYNOP 509680)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sangzhi (SYNOP 575540)
Weatherstation Shangqiu (SYNOP 580050)
Weatherstation Sangli (SYNOP 431580)
Weatherstation Ghanzi (METAR FBGZ)
Weatherstation Ghanzi (SYNOP 680240)
Weatherstation Zhangzhou (SYNOP 591260)
Weatherstation Shangxian (SYNOP 571430)
Weatherstation Shanghang (SYNOP 589180)
Weatherstation Changzhou (METAR ZSCG)
Weatherstation Changzhou (SYNOP 583430)
Weatherstation Tres-Arroyos (METAR SAZH)
Weatherstation Tinogasta (METAR SANI)
Weatherstation Sheyang (SYNOP 581500)
Weatherstation Shengsi (SYNOP 584720)
Weatherstation Shanwei (SYNOP 595010)
Weatherstation Sachang-Ri (METAR KQFV)
Weatherstation Neghelli (METAR HANG)
Weatherstation Ghinnir-Ginir (METAR HAGH)
Weatherstation Bolivar (METAR SAZI)
Weatherstation Wuhu-Wanzhi (SYNOP 583380)

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