Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Shaowu (587250) available!

Weather station in the area

Shaowu (SYNOP 587250)
Shaowu (SYNOP 587250)
Shaowu (SYNOP 587250)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Santa-Cruz-Airport (METAR SAWU)
Weatherstation San-Luis-Airport (METAR SAOU)
Weatherstation Shantou (SYNOP 593160)
Weatherstation Shawbury (METAR EGOS)
Weatherstation Shawbury (SYNOP 034150)
Weatherstation Shawbury (SYNOP 034140)
Weatherstation Shaoguan (SYNOP 590820)
Weatherstation Shan-Tou (METAR ZGOW)
Weatherstation Suzhou (SYNOP 583580)
Weatherstation Scharypowo (SYNOP 295580)
Weatherstation Zhangwu (SYNOP 542360)
Weatherstation Suizhou (SYNOP 573850)
Weatherstation Sheopur (SYNOP 424560)
Weatherstation Shawnee (METAR KSNL)
Weatherstation Shawnee (METAR IATA_SNL)
Weatherstation Shanwei (SYNOP 595010)
Weatherstation Shannon (SYNOP 956170)
Weatherstation Shakawe (METAR FBSW)
Weatherstation Shakawe (SYNOP 680260)
Weatherstation Shahrud (SYNOP 407390)

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