Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Shelbyville (KGEZ) available!

Weather station in the area

Shelbyville (METAR IATA_3SM)
Shelbyville (METAR IATA_GEZ)
Shelbyville (METAR K3SM)
Indianapolis Reg (METAR IATA_MQJ)
Indianapolis Reg (METAR KMQJ)
Himsel Army Airfld, Nineveh (METAR K1II)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Shelbyville (METAR KSYI)
Weatherstation Shelbyville (METAR K3SM)
Weatherstation Shelbyville (METAR IATA_SYI)
Weatherstation Shelbyville (METAR IATA_GEZ)
Weatherstation Shelbyville (METAR IATA_3SM)
Weatherstation Asheville (METAR KAVL)
Weatherstation Asheville (METAR IATA_AVL)
Weatherstation Asheville (SYNOP 723150)
Weatherstation Stephenville (METAR KSEP)
Weatherstation Stephenville (METAR IATA_SEP)
Weatherstation Whiteville (METAR KCPC)
Weatherstation Whiteville (METAR IATA_CPC)
Weatherstation Wellsville (METAR KELZ)
Weatherstation Wellsville (METAR IATA_ELZ)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR KSMQ)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR KSJB)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR KN52)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR IATA_SMQ)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR IATA_SJB)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR IATA_N52)

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