Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Shiraki (376510) available!

Weather station in the area

Cnoris (SYNOP 375770)
Danachy (SYNOP 375780)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Shirak (METAR UGEL)
Weatherstation Shirak (METAR UDSG)
Weatherstation Sirnak (METAR LTCV)
Weatherstation Shiraz (METAR OISS)
Weatherstation Shiraz (SYNOP 408480)
Weatherstation Shirakawa (SYNOP 475970)
Weatherstation Sira (SYNOP 297560)
Weatherstation Shiriya (SYNOP 475770)
Weatherstation Sisak (SYNOP 142440)
Weatherstation Sioralik (SYNOP 042420)
Weatherstation Shivpuri (SYNOP 424590)
Weatherstation Seira (METAR ES_9843A)
Weatherstation Schierke (SYNOP 104550)
Weatherstation Sakai (SYNOP 477420)
Weatherstation Shionomisaki (SYNOP 477780)
Weatherstation Gharakhil (SYNOP 407370)
Weatherstation Suakin (SYNOP 626520)
Weatherstation Soroki (SYNOP 336780)
Weatherstation Siteki (METAR FDST)
Weatherstation Siteki (SYNOP 683980)

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