Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sholapur (431170) available!

Weather station in the area

Sholapur (METAR VASL)
Sholapur (METAR VASL)
Sholapur (METAR VASL)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sholapur (METAR VASL)
Weatherstation Sheopur (SYNOP 424560)
Weatherstation Dholpur (SYNOP 423540)
Weatherstation Shajapur (SYNOP 426650)
Weatherstation Kolhapur (METAR VAKP)
Weatherstation Kolhapur (SYNOP 431570)
Weatherstation Soltau (SYNOP 102350)
Weatherstation Shap (SYNOP 032250)
Weatherstation Sapu (SYNOP 617220)
Weatherstation Piura-Capt-Conch (METAR SPUR)
Weatherstation Khanpur (SYNOP 417180)
Weatherstation Apolo (METAR SLAP)
Weatherstation Solacolu (SYNOP 154250)
Weatherstation Shivpuri (SYNOP 424590)
Weatherstation Shawbury (METAR EGOS)
Weatherstation Shawbury (SYNOP 034150)
Weatherstation Shawbury (SYNOP 034140)
Weatherstation Sharurah (METAR OESH)
Weatherstation Sharurah (SYNOP 411360)
Weatherstation Gopalpur (SYNOP 430490)

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