Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sinpo (470460) available!

Weather station in the area

Sinpo (SYNOP 470460)
Sinpo (SYNOP 470460)
Sinpo (SYNOP 470460)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sinop (SYNOP 170260)
Weatherstation Shinjo (SYNOP 475200)
Weatherstation Zorritos (METAR SPOS)
Weatherstation Usiminas-Paraiso (METAR SBIP)
Weatherstation Stip (SYNOP 135910)
Weatherstation Sogwipo (SYNOP 471890)
Weatherstation Sitkino (SYNOP 294980)
Weatherstation Sioux-City-I29 (METAR XSIO)
Weatherstation Sion (METAR LSMS)
Weatherstation Sion (METAR LSGS)
Weatherstation Sion (SYNOP 067200)
Weatherstation Sibanor (SYNOP 617050)
Weatherstation Potosi-Rojas (METAR SLPO)
Weatherstation Port-Harcourt (METAR DNPO)
Weatherstation Pisco (METAR SPSO)
Weatherstation Ornskoldsvik-Airport (METAR ESNO)
Weatherstation Mollendo (METAR SPDO)
Weatherstation Ipiales-San-Luis (METAR SKIP)
Weatherstation Ilo (METAR SPLO)
Weatherstation Easter-Island (METAR SCIP)

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