Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sinsin (064730) available!

Weather station in the area

Saint Hubert (METAR EBSH)
Saint Hubert (METAR EBSU)
Saint Hubert (SYNOP 064760)
Bertrix (SYNOP 064773)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sisian (SYNOP 378970)
Weatherstation Suining (SYNOP 581220)
Weatherstation Suining (SYNOP 574050)
Weatherstation Sinan (SYNOP 577310)
Weatherstation Sinsheim (SYNOP 107350)
Weatherstation Yining (METAR ZWYN)
Weatherstation Yining (SYNOP 514310)
Weatherstation Xining (METAR ZLXN)
Weatherstation Xining (SYNOP 528660)
Weatherstation Siping (SYNOP 541570)
Weatherstation Sinaia (SYNOP 153250)
Weatherstation Sansui (SYNOP 578320)
Weatherstation Sainshand (SYNOP 443540)
Weatherstation Minqin (SYNOP 526810)
Weatherstation Minino (SYNOP 295710)
Weatherstation Jining (SYNOP 534800)
Weatherstation Shawinigan (METAR IATA_XSH)
Weatherstation Shawinigan (METAR CXSH)
Weatherstation Shawinigan (SYNOP 713700)
Weatherstation Xinxian (SYNOP 548080)

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