Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Skagen (060410) available!

Weather station in the area

Skagen (SYNOP 060410)
Skagen (SYNOP 060410)
Skagen (SYNOP 060410)
Sindal Airport (METAR EKSN)
Sindal Airport (SYNOP 060340)
Frederikshavn (SYNOP 060430)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Encarnacion (METAR SGEN)
Weatherstation Skagsudde (SYNOP 022780)
Weatherstation Skagsudde (SYNOP 022690)
Weatherstation San (METAR GASN)
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Weatherstation Sagres (SYNOP 085380)
Weatherstation Sagres (SYNOP 085330)
Weatherstation Saglek (METAR IATA_WZZ)
Weatherstation Saglek (METAR CWZZ)
Weatherstation Saglek (SYNOP 718040)
Weatherstation Saglek (SYNOP 713350)
Weatherstation Saghez (METAR OITS)
Weatherstation Saghez (SYNOP 407270)
Weatherstation Langen (SYNOP 106390)
Weatherstation Srakaew (SYNOP 484400)
Weatherstation Sprague (SYNOP 718535)
Weatherstation Spokane (METAR KOTX)
Weatherstation Spokane (METAR IATA_OTX)
Weatherstation Spokane (SYNOP 727860)
Weatherstation Skagway (METAR PAGY)

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