Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Skiros (LGSY) available!

Weather station in the area

Skiros Island (SYNOP 166840)
Skiros Island (SYNOP 166840)
Skiros Island (SYNOP 166840)
Kimi (SYNOP 166830)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sturgis-Kirsch (METAR KIRS)
Weatherstation Rush-City (METAR KROS)
Weatherstation Syros (METAR LGSO)
Weatherstation Syros (SYNOP 167740)
Weatherstation Tirios (METAR SBTS)
Weatherstation Tirios (SYNOP 820260)
Weatherstation Sidorovsk (SYNOP 233650)
Weatherstation Skiros-Island (SYNOP 166840)
Weatherstation Skipton (SYNOP 033390)
Weatherstation Skibotn (SYNOP 010370)
Weatherstation Sitkino (SYNOP 294980)
Weatherstation Kirovsk (SYNOP 222190)
Weatherstation Zorritos (METAR SPOS)
Weatherstation Ziro (SYNOP 423120)
Weatherstation Wisconsin-Rapids (METAR KISW)
Weatherstation Winner (METAR KICR)
Weatherstation Wilmington-Rfc (METAR KTIR)
Weatherstation Williston (METAR KISN)
Weatherstation West-Houston (METAR KIWS)
Weatherstation Tumaco-La-Florid (METAR SKCO)

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