Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Skrova (011600) available!

Weather station in the area

Svolvaer/Helle (METAR ENSH)
Svolvaer/Helle Airport (SYNOP 011610)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Roanoke (METAR KROA)
Weatherstation Sosva (SYNOP 236250)
Weatherstation Serov (SYNOP 280440)
Weatherstation Pokrovka (SYNOP 306880)
Weatherstation Makarova (SYNOP 206750)
Weatherstation Skiros (METAR LGSY)
Weatherstation Sannikova (SYNOP 215350)
Weatherstation Zukovka (SYNOP 268940)
Weatherstation Takaroa (SYNOP 919430)
Weatherstation Sladkov (SYNOP 285870)
Weatherstation Shkodra (SYNOP 136000)
Weatherstation Segovia (METAR ES_2465)
Weatherstation Segovia (SYNOP 082130)
Weatherstation Satrovo (SYNOP 284560)
Weatherstation Saravan (SYNOP 408780)
Weatherstation Saratov (SYNOP 341720)
Weatherstation Saratov (SYNOP 341710)
Weatherstation Makarov (SYNOP 321160)
Weatherstation Hirsova (SYNOP 154060)
Weatherstation Gorgova (SYNOP 153360)

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