Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sopron (128050) available!

Weather station in the area

Eisenstadt (SYNOP 111900)
Wr.Neustadt East (METAR LOAN)
Voeslau-Kottingb (METAR LOAV)
Wr.Neustadt West (METAR LOXN)
Baden (SYNOP 110810)
Gumpoldskirchen (SYNOP 110820)
Voeslau-Kottingb (SYNOP 111810)
Weiner Neustadt West (SYNOP 111820)
Eisenstadt (SYNOP 111900)
Neusiedl Am See (SYNOP 111940)
Wr.Neustadt East (METAR LOAN)
Wechsel/Sud-Sparber (SYNOP 111860)
Punitz/Guessing (METAR LOGG)
Kleinzicken (SYNOP 111920)
Punitz/Guessing (SYNOP 111950)
Szombathely (SYNOP 128120)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Islamabad (METAR OPRN)
Weatherstation Moron (METAR LEMO)
Weatherstation Coron (SYNOP 985260)
Weatherstation Sorokino (SYNOP 298360)
Weatherstation Storohamn (SYNOP 021980)
Weatherstation Soroti (METAR HUSO)
Weatherstation Soroti (SYNOP 636580)
Weatherstation Soroki (SYNOP 336780)
Weatherstation Sorkjosen (METAR ENSR)
Weatherstation Sorkjosen (SYNOP 010460)
Weatherstation Ogoron (SYNOP 313110)
Weatherstation Norton (METAR KNRN)
Weatherstation Norton (METAR IATA_NRN)
Weatherstation Sorochinsk (SYNOP 350110)
Weatherstation Voronez (METAR UUOO)
Weatherstation Voronez (SYNOP 341230)
Weatherstation Voronez (SYNOP 341220)
Weatherstation Torreon (SYNOP 723657)
Weatherstation Springs (METAR FASI)
Weatherstation Sogwipo (SYNOP 471890)

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