Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Southport (KSUT) available!

Weather station in the area

Southport (METAR IATA_SUT)
Wilmington (METAR IATA_ILM)
Wilmington (METAR KILM)
Wilmington/New Han (SYNOP 723013)
S. Port/Oak Isl Cgs (SYNOP 723015)
Wrightsville Beach (SYNOP 723016)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Southport (METAR IATA_SUT)
Weatherstation South-Point (SYNOP 912940)
Weatherstation Noupoort (SYNOP 686330)
Weatherstation Portage-Southport (SYNOP 718515)
Weatherstation Yarmouth-Airport (METAR IATA_YQI)
Weatherstation Yarmouth-Airport (METAR CYQI)
Weatherstation Yarmouth-Airport (SYNOP 716030)
Weatherstation Portage-Southport-A (SYNOP 718510)
Weatherstation Portage-Southpor (METAR IATA_YPG)
Weatherstation Portage-Southpor (METAR CYPG)
Weatherstation Souda-Airport (SYNOP 167460)
Weatherstation Shreveport (METAR KSHV)
Weatherstation Shreveport (METAR KEIC)
Weatherstation Shreveport (METAR IATA_SHV)
Weatherstation Shreveport (METAR IATA_EIC)
Weatherstation Shreveport (SYNOP 722480)
Weatherstation Sculthorpe (METAR EGUP)
Weatherstation Sculthorpe (SYNOP 034873)
Weatherstation Treinta-Y-Tres (METAR SUTR)
Weatherstation Ormara (METAR OPOR)

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