Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Springdale-Municipal (723434) available!

Weather station in the area

Springdale Muni (SYNOP IATA_ASG)
Razorback Vor (SYNOP IATA_RZC)
Springdale Muni (METAR KASG)
Razorback Vor (METAR KRZC)
Fayetteville (METAR IATA_FYV)
Bentonville (METAR IATA_H00)
Siloam Spring (METAR IATA_SLG)
Bentonville (METAR IATA_VBT)
Bentonville (METAR IATA_XNA)
Fayetteville (METAR KFYV)
Bentonville (METAR KH00)
Siloam Spring (METAR KSLG)
Bentonville (METAR KVBT)
Bentonville (METAR KXNA)
Siloam Spring (SYNOP 723443)
Bentonville (SYNOP 723444)
Fayetteville/Drake (SYNOP 723445)
Rogers (SYNOP 723449)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Springdale-Muni (METAR KASG)
Weatherstation Springdale-Muni (METAR IATA_ASG)
Weatherstation Imperial-Municipal (SYNOP 725626)
Weatherstation Salina-Municipal (SYNOP 724586)
Weatherstation Alpine-Municipal (SYNOP 722623)
Weatherstation Salinas-Municipal (SYNOP 724917)
Weatherstation Emporia-Municipal (SYNOP 724556)
Weatherstation Vandalia-Municipal (SYNOP 724337)
Weatherstation Riverside-Municipal (SYNOP 722869)
Weatherstation Pendleton-Municipal (SYNOP 726880)
Weatherstation Palmer-Municipal (SYNOP 702740)
Weatherstation Naples-Municipal (METAR KAPF)
Weatherstation Naples-Municipal (METAR IATA_APF)
Weatherstation Naples-Municipal (SYNOP 722038)
Weatherstation Marion-Municipal (SYNOP 744214)
Weatherstation Kerrville-Municipal (SYNOP 722537)
Weatherstation Imperial-Municip (METAR KIML)
Weatherstation Imperial-Municip (METAR IATA_IML)
Weatherstation Deming-Municipal (SYNOP 722725)
Weatherstation Burnet-Municipal (METAR KT27)

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