Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Srinagar (420270) available!

Weather station in the area

Srinagar (SYNOP 420420)
Srinagar (METAR VISR)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Srinagar (METAR VISR)
Weatherstation Srinagar (SYNOP 420420)
Weatherstation Sagar (SYNOP 426710)
Weatherstation Sibsagar (SYNOP 423110)
Weatherstation Sinjar (SYNOP 406040)
Weatherstation Sinaia (SYNOP 153250)
Weatherstation Sanaga (SYNOP 309110)
Weatherstation Iringa (METAR HTIR)
Weatherstation Iringa (SYNOP 638870)
Weatherstation Srimangal (SYNOP 419150)
Weatherstation Shinyanga (METAR HTSY)
Weatherstation Shinyanga (SYNOP 639003)
Weatherstation Krishnanagar (SYNOP 427110)
Weatherstation Springsure (SYNOP 953620)
Weatherstation Springs (METAR FASI)
Weatherstation Senanga (METAR FLSN)
Weatherstation Senanga (SYNOP 677310)
Weatherstation Sangary (SYNOP 246520)
Weatherstation Saga (SYNOP 478130)
Weatherstation Rosario-Airport (METAR SAAR)

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