Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Steiu (151400) available!

Weather station in the area

Doctor Petru Groza (SYNOP 151600)
Holod (SYNOP 151170)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Siteki (METAR FDST)
Weatherstation Siteki (SYNOP 683980)
Weatherstation Turbo-Gonzalo-Me (METAR SKTU)
Weatherstation Tulcan-El-Rosal (METAR SETU)
Weatherstation Tucurui (METAR SBTU)
Weatherstation Tiputini (METAR SETI)
Weatherstation Teresina-Airport (METAR SBTE)
Weatherstation Stip (SYNOP 135910)
Weatherstation Stevens-Point (METAR KSTE)
Weatherstation Stcheki (SYNOP 376610)
Weatherstation Sibu (METAR WBGS)
Weatherstation Sibu (SYNOP 964210)
Weatherstation Sete (SYNOP 076410)
Weatherstation Seiyoun (SYNOP 413960)
Weatherstation Quito-Mariscal-S (METAR SEQU)
Weatherstation Puerto-Montt-Tep (METAR SCTE)
Weatherstation Puerto-Maldonado (METAR SPTU)
Weatherstation Pago-Pago (METAR NSTU)
Weatherstation Los-Cerrillos (METAR SCTI)
Weatherstation Limoncocha (METAR SELI)

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