Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Sukkur (OPSK) available!

Weather station in the area

Rohri (SYNOP 417250)
Jacobabad (METAR KQJQ)
Rohri (SYNOP 417250)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sutur (SYNOP 315380)
Weatherstation Sur (METAR OOSR)
Weatherstation Sur (SYNOP 412680)
Weatherstation Sauoarkrokur (METAR BIKR)
Weatherstation Sulphur (METAR KUXL)
Weatherstation Sulphur (METAR IATA_UXL)
Weatherstation Sukhumi (SYNOP 371890)
Weatherstation Skukuza (SYNOP 682960)
Weatherstation Fukaura (SYNOP 475740)
Weatherstation Uzhgorod (METAR UKLU)
Weatherstation Uberaba (METAR SBUR)
Weatherstation Tulua-Farfan (METAR SKUL)
Weatherstation Treinta-Y-Tres (METAR SUTR)
Weatherstation Travis-Afb-Fairf (METAR KSUU)
Weatherstation Sura (SYNOP 226760)
Weatherstation Rovno (METAR UKLR)
Weatherstation Rivera (METAR SURV)
Weatherstation Rionegro-Jose-Ma (METAR SKRG)
Weatherstation Riohacha-Almiran (METAR SKRH)
Weatherstation Rapid-City-Wfo (METAR KUNR)

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