Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Sulphur (KUXL) available!

Weather station in the area

Southland Field (METAR IATA_L75)
Southland Field (METAR KL75)
Chenault/Lk Chas (METAR IATA_CWF)
Lake Charles (METAR IATA_LCH)
Chenault/Lk Chas (METAR KCWF)
Lake Charles (METAR KLCH)
Lake Charles Muni (SYNOP 722400)
Chenault Airpark (SYNOP 722404)
De Quincy Industrial Air Park (METAR K5R8)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sulphur (METAR IATA_UXL)
Weatherstation Piura-Capt-Conch (METAR SPUR)
Weatherstation Paysandu (METAR SUPU)
Weatherstation Huancayo (METAR SPHU)
Weatherstation Horta-Faial-Isla (METAR LPHR)
Weatherstation Sutur (SYNOP 315380)
Weatherstation Supra (SYNOP 239230)
Weatherstation Suphan-Buri (SYNOP 484250)
Weatherstation Sholapur (METAR VASL)
Weatherstation Sholapur (SYNOP 431170)
Weatherstation Sulphur-Springs (METAR KSLR)
Weatherstation Sulphur-Springs (METAR IATA_SLR)
Weatherstation Sambalpur (SYNOP 428830)
Weatherstation Suzhou (SYNOP 583580)
Weatherstation Supung (SYNOP 470280)
Weatherstation Sukkur (METAR OPSK)
Weatherstation Suhumi (SYNOP 372600)
Weatherstation White-Sulphur-Sp (METAR KSSU)
Weatherstation White-Sulphur-Sp (METAR IATA_SSU)
Weatherstation Sur (METAR OOSR)

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