Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sumiha (286550) available!

Weather station in the area

Sumiha (SYNOP 286550)
Sumiha (SYNOP 286550)
Sumiha (SYNOP 286550)
Polovinnoje (SYNOP 287520)

Similar station names

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Weatherstation Squamish (METAR IATA_WSK)
Weatherstation Squamish (METAR CYSE)
Weatherstation Squamish (METAR CWSK)
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Weatherstation Summit (METAR KSUM)
Weatherstation Summit (METAR IATA_SUM)
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Weatherstation Suhumi (SYNOP 372600)
Weatherstation Suhana (SYNOP 241360)
Weatherstation Suhaja (SYNOP 307260)
Weatherstation Semonaiha (SYNOP 361860)
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Weatherstation Sumgait (SYNOP 377690)
Weatherstation Sukhumi (SYNOP 371890)
Weatherstation Suizhou (SYNOP 573850)
Weatherstation Silchar (SYNOP 426190)

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