Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sunwu (505640) available!

Weather station in the area

Sunwu (SYNOP 505640)
Sunwu (SYNOP 505640)
Sunwu (SYNOP 505640)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Xunwu (SYNOP 591020)
Weatherstation Urgench (METAR UTNU)
Weatherstation Travis-Afb-Fairf (METAR KSUU)
Weatherstation Touho (METAR NWWU)
Weatherstation Suwa (SYNOP 476200)
Weatherstation Superior (METAR KSUW)
Weatherstation Santa-Cruz-Airport (METAR SAWU)
Weatherstation Paysandu (METAR SUPU)
Weatherstation Nowra (METAR YSNW)
Weatherstation Nowra (METAR ASNW)
Weatherstation Novokuznetsk (METAR UNWW)
Weatherstation Juneau (METAR KUNU)
Weatherstation Hailey-Friedman (METAR KSUN)
Weatherstation Durazno-Santa-Be (METAR SUDU)
Weatherstation Ceres (METAR SANW)
Weatherstation Carrasco (METAR SUMU)
Weatherstation Bashkortostan (METAR UWUU)
Weatherstation Suwon (METAR RKSW)
Weatherstation Suwon (SYNOP 471200)
Weatherstation Suwon (SYNOP 471190)

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