Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Surat (428400) available!

Weather station in the area

Surat (SYNOP 428400)
Surat (SYNOP 428400)
Surat (SYNOP 428400)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Surat (SYNOP 945210)
Weatherstation Sura (SYNOP 226760)
Weatherstation Supra (SYNOP 239230)
Weatherstation Sur (METAR OOSR)
Weatherstation Sur (SYNOP 412680)
Weatherstation Surgut (METAR USRR)
Weatherstation Surgut (SYNOP 238490)
Weatherstation Sarata (SYNOP 338960)
Weatherstation Pursat (SYNOP 489680)
Weatherstation Nurata (SYNOP 385650)
Weatherstation Guriat (METAR OEGT)
Weatherstation Guriat (SYNOP 403600)
Weatherstation Durant (METAR KDUA)
Weatherstation Durant (METAR IATA_DUA)
Weatherstation Uberaba (METAR SBUR)
Weatherstation Tura (SYNOP 425110)
Weatherstation Tura (SYNOP 245070)
Weatherstation Tucuman-Teniente (METAR SANT)
Weatherstation Trelew-Almirante (METAR SAVT)
Weatherstation Treinta-Y-Tres (METAR SUTR)

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