Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Surkhet (444160) available!

Weather station in the area

Surkhet (METAR VNSK)
Surkhet (METAR VNSK)
Surkhet (METAR VNSK)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Surkhet (METAR VNSK)
Weatherstation Surskoe (SYNOP 277760)
Weatherstation Surat (SYNOP 945210)
Weatherstation Surat (SYNOP 428400)
Weatherstation Soure (SYNOP 821410)
Weatherstation Turkestan (SYNOP 381980)
Weatherstation Sukhothai (METAR VTPO)
Weatherstation Sukhothai (SYNOP 483720)
Weatherstation Burketown (SYNOP 942590)
Weatherstation Sylhet (SYNOP 418910)
Weatherstation Surgut (METAR USRR)
Weatherstation Surgut (SYNOP 238490)
Weatherstation Sundre (METAR IATA_WAV)
Weatherstation Sundre (METAR CWAV)
Weatherstation Sundre (SYNOP 712480)
Weatherstation Phuket (SYNOP 485640)
Weatherstation Burnet (METAR KBMQ)
Weatherstation Burnet (METAR IATA_BMQ)
Weatherstation Bourke (SYNOP 947030)
Weatherstation Sur (METAR OOSR)

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