Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Szeged (LHUD) available!

Weather station in the area

Szeged Kulterulet (SYNOP 129820)
Palic (SYNOP 130670)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Segeza (SYNOP 226210)
Weatherstation Siegerland (METAR EDGS)
Weatherstation Siegerland (SYNOP 105280)
Weatherstation Siegerland (SYNOP 105273)
Weatherstation Segorbe (METAR ES_8439X)
Weatherstation Yeovilton (METAR EGDY)
Weatherstation Ternhill (METAR EGOE)
Weatherstation Sveg (SYNOP 023270)
Weatherstation Sveg (SYNOP 023240)
Weatherstation St-Athan (METAR EGDX)
Weatherstation Seymour (METAR SEGS)
Weatherstation Sete (SYNOP 076410)
Weatherstation Selinsgrove (METAR KSEG)
Weatherstation Scilly-Saint-Mar (METAR EGHE)
Weatherstation San-Diego-Santee (METAR KSEE)
Weatherstation Saint-Mawgan (METAR EGDG)
Weatherstation Sage---Junction (METAR KSGE)
Weatherstation Portland-Heliport (METAR EGDP)
Weatherstation Plymouth-Roborou (METAR EGHD)
Weatherstation Plymouth-Mountba (METAR EGDB)

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