Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Tabarka (607100) available!

Weather station in the area

Tabarka (METAR DTKA)
Tabarka (SYNOP 607100)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Tabarka (METAR DTKA)
Weatherstation Takao-Radar (METAR TAKA)
Weatherstation Tobarra (METAR ES_7103Y)
Weatherstation Tatarsk (SYNOP 296050)
Weatherstation Takaroa (SYNOP 919430)
Weatherstation Tyrka (SYNOP 305260)
Weatherstation Talar (SYNOP 081120)
Weatherstation Tabuk (METAR OETB)
Weatherstation Tabuk (SYNOP 403750)
Weatherstation Tabas (METAR OIMT)
Weatherstation Tabas (SYNOP 407910)
Weatherstation New-Iberia (METAR IATA_ARA)
Weatherstation Makarska (SYNOP 144540)
Weatherstation Mabaruma (METAR SYMB)
Weatherstation Mabaruma (SYNOP 811000)
Weatherstation Dabaa (SYNOP 623090)
Weatherstation Columbus-Balkala (METAR IATA_BAK)
Weatherstation Atka (METAR IATA_AKA)
Weatherstation Tadibe-Yakha (SYNOP 209640)
Weatherstation Texarkana (METAR KTXK)

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