Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Taejon (471330) available!

Weather station in the area

Songmu (SYNOP 471240)
Chongju (SYNOP 471310)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Taejon (METAR RKTF)
Weatherstation Taejon (METAR RKTD)
Weatherstation Taejon (SYNOP 471320)
Weatherstation Talon (SYNOP 310920)
Weatherstation Tajna (SYNOP 308750)
Weatherstation Torrejon (METAR LETO)
Weatherstation Torrejon (SYNOP 082270)
Weatherstation Taenikon (SYNOP 066790)
Weatherstation Tinajo (METAR ES_C048W)
Weatherstation Thaton (SYNOP 480980)
Weatherstation Tateno (SYNOP 476460)
Weatherstation Taplejung (METAR VNTJ)
Weatherstation Taplejung (SYNOP 444740)
Weatherstation Tzaneen (METAR FATZ)
Weatherstation Tzaneen (SYNOP 681863)
Weatherstation Tsabong (METAR FBTS)
Weatherstation Tsabong (SYNOP 683280)
Weatherstation Trenton (METAR KTTN)
Weatherstation Trenton (METAR IATA_YTR)
Weatherstation Trenton (METAR IATA_TTN)

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