Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Tagdalen (012210) available!

Weather station in the area

Innerdalen (SYNOP 012270)
Innerdalen (SYNOP 012270)
Innerdalen (SYNOP 012270)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Magdalena (METAR SLMG)
Weatherstation Magdalena (SYNOP 851140)
Weatherstation Tamale (METAR DGLE)
Weatherstation Tamale (SYNOP 654180)
Weatherstation Tangail (SYNOP 419090)
Weatherstation Rhourd-Nouss (METAR DAEN)
Weatherstation Magadan (SYNOP 259130)
Weatherstation Spangdahlem (METAR ETAD)
Weatherstation Spangdahlem (SYNOP 106070)
Weatherstation Farmingdale (METAR KFRG)
Weatherstation Tatalina (SYNOP 702315)
Weatherstation Tarialan (SYNOP 442300)
Weatherstation Tangshan (SYNOP 545340)
Weatherstation Talmenka (SYNOP 298320)
Weatherstation Taganrog (SYNOP 347200)
Weatherstation Radaseni (SYNOP 150550)
Weatherstation Palmdale (METAR KPMD)
Weatherstation Palmdale (METAR KGXA)
Weatherstation Palmdale (METAR IATA_PMD)
Weatherstation Palmdale (METAR IATA_GXA)

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