Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Tajima (RJBT) available!

Weather station in the area

Toyooka (SYNOP 477470)
Toyooka (SYNOP 477470)
Toyooka (SYNOP 477470)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Wajima (SYNOP 476000)
Weatherstation Uwajima (SYNOP 478920)
Weatherstation Tayma (SYNOP 403760)
Weatherstation Tampa (METAR KTPA)
Weatherstation Tampa (METAR IATA_TPA)
Weatherstation Tajna (SYNOP 308750)
Weatherstation Tajga (SYNOP 295410)
Weatherstation Majma (SYNOP 360520)
Weatherstation Haima (METAR OOHA)
Weatherstation Haima (SYNOP 412943)
Weatherstation Takajama (SYNOP 476170)
Weatherstation Colima (METAR IATA_IMA)
Weatherstation Yakima (METAR KYKM)
Weatherstation Yakima (METAR IATA_YKM)
Weatherstation Toyama (SYNOP 476070)
Weatherstation Tarifa (METAR ES_6001)
Weatherstation Tarifa (SYNOP 084580)
Weatherstation Taman' (SYNOP 349170)
Weatherstation Tamale (METAR DGLE)
Weatherstation Tamale (SYNOP 654180)

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