Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Takamatsu-Airport (RJOT) available!

Weather station in the area

Takamatsu Airport (SYNOP 478800)
Tadotsu (SYNOP 478900)
Takamatsu (SYNOP 478910)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Takamatsu-Airport (SYNOP 478800)
Weatherstation Toyama-Airport (METAR RJNT)
Weatherstation Toyama-Airport (SYNOP 477070)
Weatherstation Samsun-Airport (METAR LTAQ)
Weatherstation Samsun-Airport (SYNOP 170290)
Weatherstation Oamaru-Airport (METAR NZOU)
Weatherstation Oamaru-Airport (SYNOP 937960)
Weatherstation Nakashibetsu-Airport (METAR RJCN)
Weatherstation Nakashibetsu-Airport (SYNOP 474830)
Weatherstation Takamatsu (SYNOP 478910)
Weatherstation Tanagra-Airport (METAR LGTG)
Weatherstation Tanagra-Airport (SYNOP 166990)
Weatherstation Okayama-Airport (METAR RJOB)
Weatherstation Okayama-Airport (SYNOP 477930)
Weatherstation Memambetsu-Airport (METAR RJCM)
Weatherstation Memambetsu-Airport (SYNOP 474810)
Weatherstation Makkaur-Airport (SYNOP 010920)
Weatherstation Lambasa-Airport (METAR NFNL)
Weatherstation Lambasa-Airport (SYNOP 916570)
Weatherstation Karamay-Airport (METAR ZWKM)

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