Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Tampa (KTPA) available!

Weather station in the area

St Petersburg (METAR IATA_PIE)
St Petersburg (METAR KPIE)
Tampa Intl. Airport (SYNOP 722110)
Saint Petersburg (SYNOP 722116)
Macdill Afb/Tamp (SYNOP IATA_MCF)
New Port Richey (SYNOP IATA_RRF)
St Peters/Albert (SYNOP IATA_SPG)
Tampa Bay/Ruskin (SYNOP IATA_TBW)
Tampa/O Knight (SYNOP IATA_TPF)
Tampa/Vandenburg (SYNOP IATA_VDF)
Macdill Afb/Tamp (METAR KMCF)
New Port Richey (METAR KRRF)
St Peters/Albert (METAR KSPG)
Tampa Bay/Ruskin (METAR KTBW)
Tampa/O Knight (METAR KTPF)
Tampa/Vandenburg (METAR KVDF)
Tampa Bay/Ruskin (SYNOP 722100)
Saint Petersburg (SYNOP 722104)
Macdill Afb/Tampa (SYNOP 747880)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Tampa (METAR IATA_TPA)
Weatherstation Coolidge-Antigua (METAR TAPA)
Weatherstation Tarempa (SYNOP 961450)
Weatherstation Tompa (SYNOP 304390)
Weatherstation Tayma (SYNOP 403760)
Weatherstation Pampa (METAR KPPA)
Weatherstation Pampa (METAR IATA_PPA)
Weatherstation Nampa (METAR KMAN)
Weatherstation Toyama (SYNOP 476070)
Weatherstation Taman' (SYNOP 349170)
Weatherstation Tamale (METAR DGLE)
Weatherstation Tamale (SYNOP 654180)
Weatherstation Tajima (METAR RJBT)
Weatherstation Taipak (SYNOP 354060)
Weatherstation Tacoma (METAR KTIW)
Weatherstation Tacoma (METAR IATA_TIW)
Weatherstation Tsuyama (SYNOP 477560)
Weatherstation Tepa (SYNOP 978900)
Weatherstation Tekamah (METAR KTQE)
Weatherstation Tekamah (METAR IATA_TQE)

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