Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Tanegashima-Island (478370) available!

Weather station in the area

Tanegashima Airp (METAR RJFG)
Tanegashima/Nakatan (SYNOP 478690)
Tanegashima Airport (SYNOP 478700)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Mangaia-Island (SYNOP 918470)
Weatherstation Tokunoshima-Island (SYNOP 479100)
Weatherstation Yakushima-Island (METAR RJFC)
Weatherstation Yakushima-Island (SYNOP 478360)
Weatherstation Tasman-Island (SYNOP 959860)
Weatherstation Tarama-Island (METAR RORT)
Weatherstation Tarama-Island (SYNOP 479275)
Weatherstation Tanegashima-Nakatan (SYNOP 478690)
Weatherstation Mishima-Island (SYNOP 476570)
Weatherstation Tokunoshima-Isla (METAR RJKN)
Weatherstation Tanegashima-Airp (METAR RJFG)
Weatherstation Nensha-Island (SYNOP 469020)
Weatherstation Misima-Island (SYNOP 940870)
Weatherstation Gateshead-Island (METAR CNGH)
Weatherstation Gateshead-Island (SYNOP 711410)
Weatherstation Banaba-Island (SYNOP 915330)
Weatherstation Rasa-Island (SYNOP 837440)
Weatherstation Nanumea-Island (METAR NGFO)
Weatherstation Nanumea-Island (SYNOP 916310)
Weatherstation Miyakejima-Island (SYNOP 476770)

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