Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Tarvisio (LIVO) available!

Weather station in the area

Villacher Alpe (SYNOP 112120)
Tarvisio (SYNOP 160400)
Radenthein (SYNOP 112110)
Villach (SYNOP 112130)
Abriach (SYNOP 112750)
Bovec (SYNOP 130050)
Ratece/Planica (SYNOP 130070)
Kredarica (SYNOP 130080)
Bovec (SYNOP 140050)
Ratece (SYNOP 140070)
Kredarica (SYNOP 140080)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Tarvisio (SYNOP 160400)
Weatherstation Treviso (METAR LIPH)
Weatherstation Treviso (SYNOP 160990)
Weatherstation Trevico (METAR LIRT)
Weatherstation Trevico (SYNOP 162630)
Weatherstation Taurovo (SYNOP 280970)
Weatherstation Visalia-Muni (METAR IATA_VIS)
Weatherstation Tulsa (METAR IATA_RVS)
Weatherstation Kinston-Stalling (METAR IATA_ISO)
Weatherstation Harrison (METAR KHRO)
Weatherstation Harrison (METAR IATA_HRO)
Weatherstation Garrison (METAR KN60)
Weatherstation Garrison (METAR IATA_N60)
Weatherstation Garrison (SYNOP 727677)
Weatherstation Tiksi (METAR UEST)
Weatherstation Tiksi (SYNOP 218240)
Weatherstation Paris (METAR KPRG)
Weatherstation Karsi (METAR KQSC)
Weatherstation Davis (METAR KEDU)
Weatherstation Davis (METAR IATA_EDU)

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